SureColor P8000 and using PiezoFlush preventative maintenance cleaning kit

I’ve recently purchased the maintenance cleaning kit for my P8000 along with acquiring the service manual and Windows Epson Service Program as outlined elsewhere on Inkjetmall’s website. I had hoped that having the service manual would make everything clear regarding how to clean and maintain the printer head, flushing box etc. but it leaves me with questions. I was hoping that there might be someone on this forum who could kindly point me in the right direction on how to use this service program utility properly. The support videos on Inkjetmall’s website are great but don’t yet include the new SureColor large format series printers and I’m not to keen to experiment with this kind of investment. Any help welcome.

I assume you have bought this?

This video here applies to your particular printer model:

Any specific questions about the windows program I can answer. The specific thing you need is the “Decap” function that will unlock the printer’s head and allow you to get into the cleaning assembly area.


Thank you for your quick response. Yes I have purchased the cleaning kit you refer to. I wasn’t sure how similar the inside of the P8000 would be to the 9900 because of reading another post you had responded to, mentioning the redesign of components in front and back of the print head. That’s good to know. I haven’t been able to find any function labeled “Decap” in the windows program, but it does indicate that pressing F11 will unlock the CR which I assume from the service manual is the carriage unit. Can you tell me under which section it would show up - individual or sequence, or perhaps somewhere else altogether? Or will the F11 unlock feature suffice? Also after I do get the carriage unlocked, should I unplug the printer as shown in the video? If so will powering it up again after cleaning cause it to reset itself and go back to normal operation?