Supported papers Pro inkset (P400)

If on the supported papers page,

alongside a paper it says
Supported Piezography Ink Hues: Pro Warm, Pro Cool
Does that mean I can’t do Pro Neutral
(Which is pretty much all I intend printing. The myriad of warm/cool permutations available with Pro inks are lost on me)

I’m not able to make curves so I must rely on existing/canned curves/profiles.

The answer to this determines which papers I can or can’t purchase for Neutral prints on P400.
Is the Pro inkset still the one to get?

The Neutral curve is just a combo curve made from the Cool and Warm curves. So this means that all Pro hue splits/blends are supported when the Cool and Warm curves are made for a paper.


I understand that a combination of warm and cool hue curves in different ratios will provide Neutral tone (depending on paper base, I expect 50/50), or more of one or the other in either highlight & shadow (e.g. 60/40)

I now see that as long as the Pro ink system is supported then both curves will be available for any given paper