Suggestions for affordable print viewing lighting for print room?

Hi all -

Anyone have a suggestion for a good full-spectrum, high (true!) CRI print viewing light? I’m a single artist working in my studio - not a big production environment. All those wonderful pricey print viewing booths are not in the running.
Could be something in a fixture or even bulbs that I could put in housings. Just need a good light source. All my prints go in galleries and homes, so something in the 4000ºK range. Definitely need to not be missing chunks of the spectrum,
Don’t know if LEDs have advanced that far yet…



Thanks, Walker. I’ll order a few bulbs and test them out.
Do you have personal experience using Soraa that you could share?

yes, i set this up at Light Work when i gutted and renovated the lab there. I also set this up at Cone Editions but failed to convince Jon to set them up all the way. They are 95cri and their R9 value is industry leading


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The link is to the front page. Are there certain bulbs that fit the request? My studio is like that in the request for a lighting suggestion.

Sorraa bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, yep.