Suddenly getting printed dots in white margins

This is not a Piezography problem, but this may be the best place to ask. Suddenly getting printed dots outside the main image area, in areas of white margin. 9880, Piezography inks, StudioPrint RIP. Same file printed previously with no problems. Roll mode, did not happen in sheet mode same day. The dots are always image left, put down by the head from printer right, as it moves into print, no dots trailing the image. The image is circular, so there are large areas of white, but as I said, no problems printing this some weeks ago, no settings, nor the file, has changed. Any help would be appreciated, and artist is waiting to fill sell orders. I’ve seen this before, but decades ago, and can’t recall the cause. Thanks in advance, Tyler

… so here it is. StudioPrint does not like large areas of white in the leading edge of the file with no image info down the left edge, sometimes top. Why it has a problem sometimes and not others I don’t care to troubleshoot. White added as margins in the RIP, no problem, in the file, problem. But I have seen this before.
So I’m up and going, just added a trim line all the way around in the file itself. I recall a similar odd problem with this way back in the PressReady days.
I’m sure none of this applies to anyone but me any more, but StudioPrint is still like a right arm to me for some stuff, no substitute.
I’m putting this up here on the odd chance someone else runs into this rare but stupifying problem

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