Sudden Yellowing


I have an Epson 3880 with the Selenium K7 inks. I have been printing very happily for some time now without any problems, I have been extremely happy with every print so far…

However, this morning I made a print (glossy) and a strange yellowing colour appeared on part of the print. I thought that perhaps I had run out of ink and checked all the cartridges - all fine.

I reprinted with the same result. I applied Gloss Optimiser to both prints. I have attached a picture that illustrates the problem. Any ideas? (Note the yellow to the right of the star in the background.)

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It looks like you may have some yellow staining, which in my experience happens after switching from color to Piezography inks, and not a while after, but possibly you had some pigment build up in the yellow damper, which is just now coming out in your prints. You can try a few regular cleaning cycles (like 3-4), or a power clean cycle to help get the yellow staining out.

FUI- I’m typing from home while waiting for my baby to be born (probably sometime today), so will be out of the office/away from email for a while, but my co-worker, Kelly will be pitching in and handling tech support in my absence.

I hope this helps, best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

All well with Dana and the new baby?

Hi William,

Yes, Dana gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby Boy on the 6th :smiley: I will let her know you asked about her.

Did you resolve your concern with the yellow staining?


Hi Kelly - please pass on my heartiest congratulations and good wishes to Dana!

Regarding the “yellowing” - I have just made some smaller prints, more for the ability to check them out as pictures before I print them larger and a few prints for family who don’t mind (notice!) the yellowing. It seems to be clearing up slowly…


I will pass this along!

I am glad to hear it’s clearing up, I have experienced the same staining in our 3880 and it took quit a while to clear it out, but it did eventually clean up.


Fwiw, I too had some issues with the Yellow ink remaining in the 3880 once I switched to K7 Selenium. It didn’t stop until well into the second order of refill inks either. It just hides someplace and surfaces in the whites.

If I were to do it from scratch again, I would have dedicated the new 3880 printer to K7 inks only and not loaded the Epson color inks at all for the prime and test. If it didn’t print well, I might have been able to load up the Epson color inks for warranty if it needed it when new.


Another solution to eliminate the staining would have been to install Flush Carts and run an Initial Fill through the Adjustment Program, then installed the K7 inks. This would have cleaned the lines & dampers of color pigments and set you off on the right foot for printing Piezography. Also, in the event you had to leave the printer un-used for an extended period of time you could have stored it with the Flush carts to prevent the head from drying while it was sitting un-used.