Sudden issues with three positions (O, Y, VLM) - Epson 9900

One position, VM, was giving problems (banding due to dirty nozzle, and cartridge showing up as X when cleaning). I had to reinsert the VM cartridge constantly to print. And it didn’t let me clean it either. I did the following:

  • Init Fill with piezo flush on VM channel and K7 ink on others
  • Nozzle test print - First time, VM solved, few dots missing on Y
  • Redid a test print - O, Y, VLM missing lines
  • Cleaning
  • Nozzle test print - O, Y, VLM blank
  • Maintenance cleaning (dampers, heads, capping station)
  • Nozzle test print - O, Y, VLM blank
  • Launch a large test print - Piezoflush on the print (excepted as VM channel is piezo), no ink where Y, VLM supposed to lay ink
  • Another Init Fill will all K7 ink
  • Nozzle test print - same result (O, Y, VLM) - totally blank (no ink)

Any suggestions on what to do next? Thanks for the advice.

Might just be the head is dead.

I concur with Mark. Usually total head failure cascade starts as a small line out on one or a few channels.

This quickly progresses to full channel failures on this printer. It’s shorted nozzles or de-laminated print-head.