Successfully did a head align on 7900 with piezo pro inks loaded

Although this may be a maintenance related topic, it is specific to piezography inks, so I thought I’d drop it in here. May be helpful to someone at some point :slight_smile:

The piezography manual appears to state that it is difficult to run a head alignment without colour inks loaded in the machine. I have just managed a successful manual head alignment with piezography inks (piezo pro), and found the secret was using glossy paper and a loupe/magnifying glass.

By angling the paper to the light (so I could see the direct reflection of the bulb in the paper) while looking through the loupe, I was able to see the gloss differential of the inks versus the paper, even with the clear gloss optimiser! It was then very easy to make out the best aligned pattern—being the only one without a sliver of paper gloss showing through the ink/GO gloss. Doing it this way, the very light inks and GO are not a problem to make out.

Hope that’s helpful for someone!