Stylus Photo 7600 - new customer questions

I have a lightly-used 7600 that I’d acquired last year for dirt cheap, and the prints were great, no problems.
Had to put it in storage for about 11 months - so thought this would be a good time to clean and go green with refill inks.
Piezoflush kit and cartridges and K2 inks arrived yesterday: a few thoughts and questions…

  1. minor things - the kit came with no gloves , and the cartridges were boxed so that I almost touched the chips
    while opening them…no biggie.

  2. still had a bit of inks left in the OEM cartridges but was out of Yellow - so I loaded just that in, and ran some nozzle checks.
    Some blocks missing so I ran ran the Head Alignment, and ran two more nozzle checks and a Power Clean. The yellow had all disappeared.
    Guess the moral is: simply putting one refill cartridge doesn’t mean the ink will flow.
    Must have been the remainder of my OEM yellow.

  3. Filled all my new cartridges with Piezoflush, inserted them, and ran a Initial Fill. Nothing happened. Powered off and restarted.
    All the ink lights were on, and error message Set Ink cartridge.
    Read Dana’s note about shutting off the sensor - and that worked. thanks!

  4. Afterwards, ran two more Nozzle Checks - I had expected to see only pink from the Piezoflush, but it was still all OEM color,
    and still no yellow.
    Ran two more Power Cleans - then Redid an Initial Fill - and will leave it there for 24 hours.
    Also did the Bounty strip with Piezoflush and cleaned the head.

Questions: Am I in the ballpark, guys? Also, accdg to Wells, I could drain the Piezoflush from the cartridges when I’m done,
and clean the cartridges with distilled water and refill with inks. Can i drain the Piezoflush back into the remainder of my bottle,
and re-use the whole lot later, or should I discard? What’s the best way of getting them out of the cartridges?
Finally, since I still have two Photo Black OEM cartridges, can I use that alongside your refill inks?
If so, I’d probably have to turn the sensor back on, and do another Initial Fill, yes? Thank you.

after 24 hours and two Power Cleans and two nozzle checks, the Piezoflush pink is now showing
on the nozzle checks, which are looking better too.
Would have loved to have heard back from Tech Support - alas, I’m gonna have to dump
all the Peizoflush tomorrow…wc was probably helpful, but at $80+, puts me in a foul mood.

Hi ocario~

I apologize for not responding sooner, I was involved in a workshop all last week, so not on email very much.

It sounds like you have done everything correctly to flush your 7600 (and turning off the chip sensors), so that’s good.
If you rinse out the carts well with distilled water to get all the PiezoFlush out, then get as much water out as possible, you should have no problems reusing the carts with ink.
Yes, you can use Epson PK along with ConeColor in all the other positions, just make sure to shake inks before use, and on a regular basis to get consistent print results.
I recommend shaking the Epson PK carts and draining the contents into the PK refill cartridge (either with a syringe thru the exit valve, or by opening the plastic shell, and cutting the corner of the ink bag), so you’re using a full set of refill carts, and can leave the printer’s chip sensor off.

I hope this helps.
Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best regards~ Dana

Thanks so much. Any case, there was already enough info on the board, that i could proceed.
My question was about the Piezoflush - there’s still a bit left over on the cartridges, and I still have about
a quarter left on the 700ml bottle. Is it ok to drain the remaining Piezoflush from the cartridges into the unused bottle
for later use – or should I not mix the two? thanks

You are very welcome, and I’m glad you found lots of helpful information on our forum.

Yes, you can pour remaining PiezoFlush from carts into the 700ml PiezoFlush bottle, then seal to reuse in the future.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana

Hi Dana,
Flashforward - I had to leave for a job, and left my 7600 and your inks unattended for a year.
Just got back and am getting blanks from nozzle checks and power cleans.
No errors and all ink indicators show full.
Would love some advice before going any further.

You are in the ballpark. The cartridges should be clean clean clean before using w/ ink.

Check the expiration dates on the OEMs but yeah, they won’t interact badly in the ink lines.


Hi Walker - thanks. I actually posted way down about the 7600 printing blanks,
including nozzle checks and status reports. I’ve also done power cleans twice from the printer menu.

Sorry: about leaving printer for yr(s). Most likely you dampers are full of congealed ink. You need to put PiezoFlush carts in (with fill plugs in at first). Then unscrew the ink lines from your dampers, unplug the fill holes, and draw the old ink (+ new piezoflush) through the ink lines with a syringe connected directly to the ink lines. A priming tip should work.

You will need to manually replace all the dampers. probably has dampers for this model.

You may need to manually purge the print-head as well being very careful not to get any liquid on the actual exposed circuit boards. Our small format flush kit fits over the inlet stems on the print-head but we don’t officially support this process for large-format because of the chance of spraying liquid onto the circuits.

This should rescue your printer, but start will clearing your ink-lines and replacing your dampers.


wow. surgery. Thanks - will look into doing this.
guess no amount of power cleaning and re-running PiezoFlush will dislodge the congealed ink huh. But good to know the printer isn’t dead.

yeah, power cleaning won’t get gunk out of the garden hose if it’s filled with leaves right before the sprinkler. Gotta get the leaves out first.