Studio Lighting

I have to change out 4100K fluorescent tube lights in my studio for LED’s. What temperature do you recommend as best print viewing, etc.?

I recommend Soraa LEDs on dimmers. 1 strip warm (2700+ k) and one normal 5000k or 4000k ish,


I bought a number of Soraa LEDs after seeing the setup at Cone Editions Studio. I haven’t made a permanent install yet. I have them in temporary fixtures while trying to determine the best positions and so forth. They are so much better than any other LED lighting that I’ve looked at. You get a distinct improvement in judgements of very light tones near paper white… and I seem to have much easier time seeing subtle differences in very warm tones.

I converted the standard fluorescent tubes in my general studio lighting to LED tube replacements a couple of years ago. I put in two 4000K tubes in fixtures that previously held four 48" 40 watt fluorescents. Overall light quality is improved and my electricity usage is way down. 36 watts per fixture now where it was 160 (I have 20 fixtures in my main studio area); and with the ballasts out, less heat generation, less work for the cooling system. It was a VERY positive change. Those LED tubes are better for judging color than the previous fluorescents but they don’t compare to the Soraa lamps for critical work.

Bob Smith

Having configured my EIZO CG2420 for 80 cd/m2 and 5000K, I use a light meter app on my iPhone, to measure a white Photoshop image on the monitor and a white sheet of paper and make sure they’re the same EV level when viewing prints.

Even with the correct color temperature, how do you measure and control the illumination level for display: Do you use a light meter ? How do you instruction customers about viewing conditions ?

Thank you !