Stubborn clog

I am unable to clear a clog on the LC and M nozzles. I did two power cleanings and used QTR to print specific channels.

It seems the more I try to clean or purge, the worse it gets.

I suspect air. How do I verify the source? Issues started after a refill.

I suggest cleaning the wiper and capping station (collectively called the “cleaning assembly”)

Here are instructions:

There is a good chance the the cleaning assembly is also unable to suck ink due to an old motor. These units can get out of whack.


I cleaned the capping station and wiper (Dana’s video was very helpful in that regard, thank you). No dice.

I bought Piezo flush and an extra set of cartidges, as well as the adjustment program. I am going to to do an initial fill, disconnect for 48 hours, another initial fill and then give this a last try. If they don’t come back after that it’s probably hardware related.

When I bought the printer I had the foresight to get an extra 3 year warranty, which expires in September 2017, from the retailer. So I should be covered. I guess with the 3880 now discontinued, they’ll refund me the original price paid and I’ll have to get a P800?

Is the P800 compatible with the cartridges I have?

We are working on the P800. Nobody in the US can get compatible chips yet but when they do come out, they will be able to be snapped into your 3880 cartridges no problem.