Streaking in Negative, Stylus 7880, PiezoDN-Cyanotype


I’ve not experienced this condition before. And of course, I need to print in order to meet a deadline.

I cleaned the printer last night (a test print showed the same condition yesterday). Do you have a recommendation for me?
Streaking-3 Streaking-2 Streaking-1

Dear Darrell

Sorry for late reply. It looks like your black channel is having issues, possibly with the all-to-common black ink switch damper. Please post a nozzle check



Please private message me a .zip of the curve (.quad) that you are using.



I will try to get back to you tonight. I’m working right now and being attacked from all sides!

Oof, I’ll stay on the horn tonight.



Today was the model that Monday stereotype was based on. Hopefully it is now over!

FYI, my deadline crisis is over. even though I had the streaking, it didn’t seem to affect the photograph, just the masking. So I printed my three photos and although the Mid-Tones were a bit darker than optimal, they looked pretty good under glass. And they are now on the wall at The Vermont Center for Photography.

Attached is the curve I used. It is the stock Cyanotype curve. I had intended to calibrate it, but the paper I planned on using (Hershel Platinum) was problematic and Iran out of time. Having used the stock curve one your printer last February I took my chance and used it on my 7880.

It looks like I may have a little “me-time” coming up, so I think I will dedicate a little time to printing and linearizing some curves. However, I would like to resolve this streaking. I didn’t do a PiezoFlush, which a will do prior to my next printing session.

Please let me know if you recommend any other troubleshooting steps.

Darrell (3.25 KB)