Strange "Paper Eject Error"

This is not a Piezography problem. It’s a printer problem. I’m experimenting with overprinting a cyanotype print on an Epson printer with Epson OEM color ink.

I started by making a cyanotype print on Arches Platine 145 GSM from a Piezography digital negative. I cut the sheet down to exactly 8.5 x 11, flattened it perfectly in a dry mount press, and loaded it into an Epson SC P5000 using the manual feed. When I hit print, the printer printed the first couple of inches perfectly and then stopped. After a pause, it displayed a Paper Eject Error.

This P5000 is set up for matte printing with Media Type = Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte. Adjusting the platen gap has no effect. I tried different values of the Paper Thickness and the Paper Suction parameters (both in Advanced Media Control), but still the printer refuses to print beyond the first couple of inches. I can’t think of what else to try!

In the photo (link below), you can see what the printer printed (the green and some orange) and where it stopped printing. The blue background is the cyanotype print.

Google Photos

Update: Today I fed a blank sheet of Arches Platine 145 GSM into the same printer and printed using the identical settings. The printer printed the entire page and ejected the paper normally. This means the paper is not the problem. It’s what’s ON the paper.