Strange noise and bubbles

Hello everyone who can give me and advise.
My 7880 after purging line from erroneously refilled cartridge ( see the previous issue here Solved: Bad print with good nozzle check 7880 ) started making some strange humming noise About 6 seconds on, 6 seconds off. Continuously. Even when machine is idle. It stops only after I lift one of the cartridge levers.
This is issue number one.
Issue number 2 is: while lifting one of the levers. the lever broke, so we ordered new lever from China, replaced and and…meanwhile we saw, that the lines are full of air.Big gaps of air.
Might that be a reason for the humming noise?

1.How to get rid of the noise?
2.How to get rid of the air in the lines?
attaching photo with the opened at a time printer
Would appreciate help greatly

I had a similar problem with my 7880 a few months ago. I believe the two problems you’ve listed are related to a failure of the PUMP CAP ASSY. (See page 298 of the Epson Stylus Pro 7880 Service Manual). Here’s a link to the part from a Chinese distributor:

When I replaced mine, I also replaced all the ink tank valve assemblies. I suspected more than one was not air tight. With these two simple repairs made, all air gaps in the ink lines cleared up and I got perfect nozzle checks. At that time, I also took the opportunity to lubricate the nylon drive gears using the proper lubricants according to the procedures in the manual. I was amazed at how much more quietly and smoothly the printer now runs.

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Thank you mlr4948. That is quite a procedure.
That 2 “simple repairs” do not look so simple to me:)
The humming noise stopped for now.If it comes back, I will have to perform the repair you suggested.
Thank you very much!