Strange banding on canson velin papers

Good day Dana,
I have a 9900 still using OEM inks; when using canson profile and velin paper, a strange banding occurs:

It seems to me that there is to much ink, but lowering the color density did not help.
I’m thinking if this has happened to anyone before. I am using cs6 with epson driver, 1440dpi :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and helping!

Have you tried 2880dpi? Are you following their print settings? What media type setting are you selecting in the driver? Are you using sheet or roll media? Does this happen on any other rag paper- or only the Canson Velin? Are these bands vertical (as opposed to horizontal/print head direction)? Are all nozzles printing well on your nozzle check? Is your printer aligned to the Velin paper thickness? If not, you may want to realign your printer with this paper.

If you are only having this issue with the Canson paper, and are using their recommended settings, then I suggest contacting Canson for support with this strange pattern you’re getting in your prints.

Please keep me posted, I’m curious what you discover.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana, the problem was solved by increasing the color density a bit. When I was testing the paper and profile on a small print target, I found that color density = -7 is gives good result; whereas color density = 0 causes red to overflow and resolution was decreased. But today the print is larger, with density = -7 , this banding problem occured. I guess I will perform more test on this paper and probably profile it myself :slight_smile: Many thanks!

Interesting… I never change the ink density setting, and just make a profile by selecting the best Media Type setting for the paper, and highest quality settings, then continue selecting the same Media Type and quality settings when printing thru the profile I make.

Along with print settings, humidity plays a huge roll in the ink/paper relationship, so this may be another thing to look into.

I hope your new profile solves the issue.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: