Storing Inkjet Mall cartridges when printer is left with Piezoflush

I am about to leave on a trip to France and want to find my Piezo printer in good shape on return. Plan to load some cartridges with Piezoflush and pull the ink cartridges. There’s lots of good ink still in these guys. So the questions are:

  1. How to store the ink cartridges? Any tricks?
  2. How much Piezoflush to use in each inkjetmall cartridge I put in to replace the ink cartridges?
  3. Where is a documented series of steps to put it into storage and to similarly put the printer back in service when I return?

My trip is short: 10 days. And perhaps this is over kill? You never know. Better safe than sorry. Thanks!

10 days, NO PROBLEM. Turn off printer and do a normal shake of carts + cleaning when you come back.

Don’t rock the boat.