Storing filled ink carts


Have a set of IJM carts I’ve been storing for quite a while, never used until just the last week or so. I filled them with ConeColor ink, and they worked great after loading them into my 3880, which had been stored with a set of PiezoFlush carts for months. Once working with the IJM inks, I went back to a set of OEM ink that was still useable, just too depleted to successfully re-load the printer after storage.

I removed the IJM carts, installed the little orange plugs and set them on a shelf, oriented as they would be when installed in the printer. I did not bag them, unfortunately. After one day my LK cart had mostly emptied itself (leaked) onto the shelf, apparently through the exit valve.

Questions: Do I need a new cart? If so, would you cover it under warranty? Again, these carts are not “new”, but never unpacked and used until two weeks ago. Also, I seem to have lost at least 50-60 ml of LK ink. Should I always store filled carts with the exit ports facing up? Do you suggest that carts be bagged for storage?

Thanks for your help.

Please private message me your Sales Order #, thanks


Hi Walker—

I think it was


Also, email records show another order for such carts on 11/21/18, order


Whichever order it was, the carts were stored unused in original packaging (now discarded) until the last month or so.

I forgot to mention: the cart that leaked appears to be fully primed. I’m storing it, in a zip-lock bag, exit port up. For now, I’ve removed the all the other IJM carts from the printer, having used them to do an initial fill with ConeColor ink, and make a few (nice!) test prints. Now, I’m using up some OEM ink carts that were too low to support initial fill.

Thanks for any help.


Thanks for your help.

k, we’re working on getting you a replacement LK.


Thanks for your help, Walker—I look forward to the new LK cart, and 110 ml ink (?)

As a general precaution, should I store carts with the exit port facing up, and bagged? I’ve looked on the forum to see if this is covered, and if I’ve missed it, my apologies— please send me link to the appropriate place. I remember seeing advice to store with the port DOWN, in order avoid an air bubble at the port.

Stay safe. InkjetMall is the best.