Storing Epson 1430

This Wednesday I must be away for 10 days, and later in September I will be away for 4 weeks.
What should be done for short storage intervals and then for 4 week on intervals?


Put the 1430 in PiezoFlush (a set of piesoflush carts).

Just put the piezoflush carts in there and do 2 head cleanings. Then do the opposite when you want to use the printer.


Hi Walker. I had purchased the small format flush kit and based on instructions did the not buy extra carts thinking they were only needed for other printers. I must leave for 8 days in the morning. Should I remove carts with ink in them before leaving or upon return?
For a longer trip do I use the small format kit and “do something” with the carts that have ink in them?

You need to get a second set of carts, fill them with PiezoFlush, put them in the printer, and let sit (with PF carts in) for the duration.

Do not let your printer sit without carts.

If you don’t have the extra set of carts, don’t worry. Just keep the ink carts in and run a few cleanings when you get back. It should be ok.


With a similar style of printer to yours, I generally don’t worry about it for ten days, but for four weeks I’d definitely put in flush carts as suggested by Walker.

In either case, if you’re printing only intermittently with Piezography with this style of printer, what I do is keep track of when the carts were last filled. My experience is that the pigment in Piezo sediments after a time, and after six weeks or so I drain each cart back into the bottle, agitate and refill. Regular printing with a carts-on-head is supposed to keep the pigment agitated, and while it may buy more time, I still find a need to drain and refill from time to time. I would always drain, agitate and refill when I’m putting ink carts back in after four or more weeks with flush carts.

Thanks Brian and Walker

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