Stock vs custom curves for Carbon K7

I’m working Carbon K7 (with new HD black) in a lightly-used 3880 in apparently excellent condition. There are stock Community Edition HD curves for all the papers I use—Hahn Photo Rag, Canson Etching and Rag Photographique (or the Epson legacy Canson equivalents). But I’m about to settle on just one of these papers for a very large project, and I wonder if it would be worthwhile investing in a custom curve specific that paper and my particular printer. I’m not seeing anything that leads me to suspect linearization drift or any other problem, but $100 would be a small price to pay for even a subtle improvement. Thoughts?


I think it’s probably worth it because then you know you are getting “industry standard” response from your printer. If you ever need to re-produce these prints in the future on a different paper you can simple linearize that and then you don’t have to re-image your work at all.