Still having problem with dark prints


followed suggestions and all parts look ok. have printed 21 step will send you read out of densities as soon as get them. if before i take image out of photoshop to print it using qtr print tool, i brighten it by 30pts the print looks great. very close match to proof on monitor using the proof profile you sent. will


Hi Will~ I would be happy to review printed samples to help sort out your “dark prints” issue. Below is a list of the prints that would be helpful or me to see, and my mailing address.

  1. Printed nozzle check
  2. Printed 21 step strip- on the paper(s) and with the appropriate curve(s), labeled with the printer model, ink, paper and print settings used.
  3. Printed Ink Separation image thru QTR’s Calibration Mode. Please refer to our instructions for printing this, here:

ATTN: Dana/testing
17 Powder Spring Rd
Topsham VT 05076

Please let me know if you have questions, otherwise I will be expecting your prints and let you know after I have received and reviewed them.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: