Starter Cart Chip

I have the original Color Starter Carts for an Epson P6000 sitting in the box. Can I use these chips on the Inkjet mall refillable carts. If so would I get the full 700ml.


Hi John, thanks for reaching out about your SureColor P series cartridges. I want to make sure you’re aware of something important regarding the chips on these cartridges.

  1. EPSON Chip Specificity: EPSON chips are designed to work specifically with the original Epson cartridges they’re installed on. Unfortunately, they won’t function properly if you try to move them to a different cartridge.

  2. 3rd Party Chip Specificity: We have detailed documentation about using our chips on SureColor P printers. This information goes over chip functionality and limitations in more detail. You can easily find this documentation on any of our product pages for SureColor P series cartridges. Just look for the Instructions section on the product page below the Buy button.

Rachel - TechSupport IJM