SpyderPrint 5.0

I printed the target for PiezoDN 129 points using QuadtoneRIP and when I open on the Spyderprint software, I cant find the target for 129 points, so I loaded the TIff file on the installation folder, still unable to find the target. anyone has experience using spyderprint to calibrate the ink for darkroom print?

Spyderprint instructions: Using a SpyderPrint to Read Calibration Target Prints for Digital Negatives – J Keith Schreiber

Hi Mark,

I’m having trouble figuring out what you are trying to say in your post. You say you printed the 129-step target, then you say you can’t find it, then you loaded the tiff file but still can’t find the target. I’m not sure what you mean. The 129-step tiff file (Piezography>Images>PiezoDN_Targets>Spyder>PiezoDN-129step-Spyder.tiff) is the target.

You don’t need to load anything in SpyderPrint; you just read the print you made with the 129-step target negative, save the resulting text file and use it with the PiezoDN spreadsheet to create a new linearized quad.

Note: This is different than with X-rite software (ColorPort or i1Profiler) where you do have to load a reference file (.xml or .pwxf respectively) for the associated target image.

Follow the procedure described in my article that Walker referred you to. Any more questions, please post them here.