Spyder5 Elite Colorimeter

Hi, I have just taken up the offer from datacolor to upgrade from my Spyder4 pro to the Spyder5 Elite Colorimeter.

After selling my spyderpro4 and claiming adobe subscription offer it will cost me very little to upgrade.

Reading a number of reviews of the Spyder5 Elite one of the improvements is in display of shadows, which is of course important to piezography.

My main monitor is eizo CG241W which has its own calibration software, ColorNavigator.

What i am wondering is if the possible Spyder5 Elite improved shadow detail can be accessed by ColorNavigator or I would need to use the Spyder5 Elite software?

Sadly, I don’t believe CN will work with Spyder5 although you may want to call Datacolor and ask.

The trick the CN is that it does iterative calibration and is able to load that calibration into the video board on the monitor itself giving greater bit-depth than on-computer ICCs.


Ok thanks, I will stick with colornavigator which does recognise spyder5 and run through test.