Spotting Final Prints

After a month of testing, we finally felt good about delivering consistent results with our new Piezography system. We did a small project, the client loved the prints and approved them. Those prints are set aside as our color masters for this and future editions, and we began to make final prints for delivery. Then we hit the snag…

We are unable to properly spot the prints. We have been using the same kits to spot final prints for all of our pigment printing for years, we use a Berg system. Sadly, the Berg inks will not stick to gloss or semi-gloss prints that have had GO applied to them. Horrors! Obviously, this is a critical step in final delivery of exhibition prints. Much as we try to control humidity and dust in our environment, no studio will ever be 100% dust free unless you build a clean room and wear hazmat suits. Can other Piezography printers tell me what products they are using to do their final spotting on glossy prints?


Adam Sanders
Arc Lab Ltd.

Hi Adam~

I’m glad to hear you are now set up and getting great Piezography prints.

We use Spot Pens to spot correct Piezography prints on both glossy and non-glossy media. With glossy papers, it’s best to do before the Gloss Overprint layer is printed, then dry (and don’t wipe) before printing GO. It’s always good to keep the paper feed area and inside of the printer as clean as possible, to help prevent dust from settling on prints. We use a blow dryer to both dry and “dust” prints without touching the surface.

I hope this helps.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: