Solved: Which .quad profile for WN/SEL Split K7 Glossy JCS Type 5 SAMP-SPLIT-TYPE5?



Hey Dana,

Which QTR .quad profile was used to print the Sample Piezography Warm Neutral / Selenium Split K7 Glossy on JCS Type 5 paper for SAMP-SPLIT-TYPE5 @ ?

If possible, could you please post a link to or email the profile to me for an Epson 3880?




Hi John~ I emailed you the curve I use The WN/SEL samples are printed with our R2880 (since we don’t keep a big printer set up with that ink combination, and the R2880 is both easy to change ink in and produces incredible quality prints). You can use the R2880 curve with your 3880 printer, by placing the curve in your Quad3800-3800-K7 folder (and running the install.command if you’re using a Mac).

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Got it Dana. Thanks much.


Excellent- you are very welcome John :slight_smile: