Solved: Using Epson OEM ink in refillable cartridges

I converted an Epson 4900 to K7 inks. I also have an Epson 7900 printer running standard color inks. I intend to use Conecolor inks when I need to replenish, but I have some left over ink cartridges from the Epson 4900. Would it work to extract the ink from the 4900 carts with the syringe in the exit port and fill the 7900 refillable carts? I don’t really want to sell the cartridges at a substantial loss, when I am using the same ink in another printer.



Hi Jeff~ The 4900 and 7900 printers use the same UltraChrome HDR inks, so you could certainly remove ink from the 4900 carts to use in the 7900 refill carts if you wish.
Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana, is there a better way than extracting a syringe full at a time from the exit port?

You could break into the cart and cut the ink bag open- but this can get messy (especially your first time).

I think I’ll stick to the ayringe