Solved: StudioPrint linearization question

I know this is almost old school but how many patches does IJM recommend when doing a fresh linearization process in StudioPrint v12? I will be using Carbon shades 1, 2, 4, 5

I use 40 for the first. Then I use 40 for the second. Then I switch to 80. Finally I do 80 for the fourth and I linearize to the deepest dMax and clip it there (only if the deepest is less than #80). Doing it four times really smooths it out. The two 40 patch linearizations rough it in. The 80s add the finesse.

Thank you, just could not remember the best method. Guess this is what weekends are for…???..

The conversion from Piezotone Carbon Sepia to Carbon K7 was a success. Jon, all went perfect, tones look great, yes the color is a bit warmer (red?) but I like it. Test prints on Hahnemuhle/Harman Baryta Gloss are so rich.

Fantastic, thanks for letting us know! Yes, Piezography K7 and PiezoTone Carbon-Sepia are slightly different “color”. Carbon is the most similar Piezography K7 ink set to PiezoTone Carbon-Sepia.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: