Solved: QuadTone RIP or Print Tool for new Mac OS

should I just try the QuadTone Rip for use with latest version of MAC OS or should I really just use Quad Tone Print Tool?

I would prefer to use QuadTone Rip so i can print directly out of LR4.

thanks for the help.

For Mac 10.6.8 and higher, we generally recommend using the QTR Print Tool to the QuadTone RIP. You can read Jon’s blog posts about Lightroom and QTR Print Tool, here:

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Dana, if i choose to not use the Print Tool just out of convenience of being able to print out of LR, what print quality am I giving up, or is it not print quality it is that apple will be effecting the brightness of shadows and highlights?

where will i see the differences in a prints made with latest OS and quadrip and those made with print tool and latest OS?

thank you for all you help.

from the article, " It reduces a stop or two of tonal latitude"

what does this mean exactly in print and where to look for it?

The shadows and highlights compress (for example) with LightRoom 4 and 10.8 in comparison to LightRoom 4 and 10.7 (which is perfectly linear).

You may prefer to have compressed shadow and highlights (it’s subtle - not overly exaggerated by any means…) However, if you really work to bring out the shadow and highlight details in your work - you would not want the MacOS compressing them for you!

by any chance can you post a sample image made with latest mac os and Quad rip and same image made with latest OS and Print Tool?

that would be helpfully in visualizing the differences.


Sorry, but I can’t as we are not running Mountain Lion here. Not on personal computers, business computers, nor the studio computers, nor any of the R&D computers.

The differences are small but noticeable when you place a gradient on top of the other. However, if you require consistency and most photographers do - then you would not want to mix them - because you would have different shadow and highlights.

You can do both if you are on MT Lion. You can print directly from LR or print from QTR PrintTool. I want to be the first to call that QTRPT. :wink:

i will print form LR and PT and let you know how it goes.

btw what does, “place a gradient on top of the other” mean as i will try it?

does Mountain Lion kill details?

We are not using Mountain Lion, so can not tell you how this OS effects the output. We have seen big differences in the output from various OSs, which is why we recommend using the QTR Print Tool.

I believe Jon meant that you can print a gradient both ways, and place them next to/on top of each other to compare the print output.

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: