Solved: QTR not installing Epson Pro 3880 WIFI printer

Dana, et al,

I have not been able to find a way to get the QTR install scripts to install a QUAD3880 for a wifi 3880 printer, or get QTR to install two 3880’s connected to the same mac via USB.

I have one USB attached 3880 and second 3880 on wifi. QTR’s installation script runs fine with no errors and properly installs for one USB 3880 but not the wifi 3880 or a second 3880 using USB.

Both printers show up in the mac system prefs under printers, whether connected via WIF or USB. Via mac sys prefs under printers I can talk to both printers and I’m able print to both printers via mac os via USB or WIFI.

After running the QTR 3880 install scripts 2 QUAD printers are shown but they are both the same USB printer, and I’m able to print via both QUAD3880’s but they both go to the USB 3880 only.

I’ve reinstalled the epson 3880 drivers and QTR-print, rerun the QTR installation scripts and have rebooted the mac and printers but the results are still the same with only one USB 3880 installing and printing via QTR.

Just out of curiosity, I turned the original USB 3880 off, disconnected the WIFI on the WIFI3880 and then ran a USB cable to the WIFI3880. The WIFI3880 connected now via USB showed up as a second USB 3880 (as expected) under the mac os. I reran the QTR 3880 installation script. It successfully completed with no errors. One Quad3880 shows in the printer list. However, when I print to it, QTR wants to print to the original USB Quad3880, not the second one.

Any suggestions for getting the wifi 3880 installed as a QUAD printer? Any suggestions for installing and configuring two 3880’s on one mac using QTR? Is QTR capable of using more than one of the same type of printer on the same computer?



Hi John~ This is a great question for Roy Harrington, as he wrote and directly supports QuadTone RIP. You can contact Roy at:

I do know in our studio, we have four 7880’s, and I can only install/connect/print to one at a time from a single Mac- so every time I switch printers on a computer, I have to delete the previous Quad7880-K7 printer and reinstall to print to a different one. I suspect you may run into the same issue and can not have two different Quad3880-K7 printers connected and printing at the same time from the same Mac computer. I am not sure if QTR supports WiFi printer connection, and would be curious to learn what Roy tells you.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana. I’ll contact Roy. I’ll post what I learn back to this thread.


Hey Dana,

Roy sent this quick response… said he was just heading out for the day but could provide more later if needed…

From Roy Harrington:
"Look at tutorial.pdf last two pages. You’ll be adding the printer in print&scan.
Then running the install script to add the curves.
You have to have a different name for the second printer. The stuff after
Quad3880- can be anything you want to help identify it. The trick is to
Rename the Install3880- to have exactly the same extension. For instance
Printer is Quad3880-second and Install3880-second.command
You just duplicate the script and rename it. "

I’ll give it a try and post the results within a few hours.


Thanks for the the additional information John- keep me posted! :slight_smile:

Hey Dana,

Roy’s QTR advice works great for USB. I can now drive two Epson Pro 3880’s from a single Mac via USB. Works great!

WIFI via QTR is still elusive but hopefully we’ll get it figured out.

I’ve attached my latest thread with Roy. I’ll update it when I hear back from Roy.



I followed your instructions and they work great for USB. For the second Pro 3880 printer, I successfully created and installed a “Quad3880-WIFI3880” and a “Quad3880-3880-2-USB” (log files attached). From one Mac I can now print to either 3880 printer via USB from QTR-Print. This is a big help. Thanks!

However, when I use the WIFI printer designation (Quad3880-WIFI3880) to the second 3880 printer, QTR-Print sends the print to the original (3880 #1) printer via USB.

From the mac osx sys prefs I am able to successfully communicate with the second 3880 printer via WIFI and USB (I connect only one at a time… i.e. unplug WIFI when using USB and vice versa). I can query the ink status, instruct it to print test pages, etc. using WIFI or USB.

Any further suggestions on getting the WIFI designation to operate properly would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much for your assistance,


Thanks for the information John, I will certainly try this out myself with our various 7880s!!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. It’s nice to be able to drive more than one printer from a single mac.

I’m still working with Roy on the ethernet/wifi connection problem. Roy’s confident we’ll get it worked out.


Hey Dana,

With Roy’s help I finally got both Pro3880’s working with a single QTR-Print on a single Mac, one via USB and one via WIFI. Attached below is a copy of my last email thread with Roy. The IP address used for the Pro3880 needs to be configured in the printer as a static IP so it won’t loose its association when it is restarted and gets a new IP address with DHCP.

Hope this helps others wanting to run multiple QTR-Print driven printers from a single Mac.


Hey Roy,

The second Pro3880 is now up and running fine via Ethernet & WIFI.

In mac print&scan I renamed the printer “WIFI3880” to “Ethernet3880”. I renamed the install script to “Install3880-Ethernet3880”. I ran the install script and this time the script said it could not find an epson USB printer with the name 3880 and it prompted me to enter the IP address for the printer, which I did. At that point the install script ran OK and created a new printer named “Quad3880-Ethernet3880”. I restarted QTR-Print and the new “Quad3880-Ethernet3880” appeared in the list of printers. I queued up a print to it and away it printed. Problem solved.

I looked back at the logs of the previous install script attempts and none of them had the prompt for the IP address. For some reason, after renaming the printer, the install script now prompted for the IP address and everything installed properly. So the one mac is now running two Epson Pro 3880 printers, one via USB and the other via Ethernet/WIFI (using the Netgear Universal WIFI adapter). I can queue up prints to both printers simultaneously from a single Mac. Very nice!

Thanks very much for your help with this and thanks again for making your QTR products!

Best to you,


Excellent- thanks for the helpful information John!

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: