Solved: Problem with pink LLK printing flush fluid with 2400

Just got this printer (R2400) up and running. Flushed it with Piezo flush to clean the heads. Using IJM refillable cartridges, Matte ink, QTR XP pro

When printing, it appears the LLK cartridge (filled with flushing fluid per instructions sent with carts) is printing flushing fluid onto the print in the lighter areas of the print. Used new cartridges and filled per instructions. I double checked each cartridge before filling to make sure I had the right shades for the right cartridges. Ran several cleaning cycles after I put in the new ink-filled carts. Ran the nozzle test - all okay. QTR settings are as follow:

QuadR2400-K7 2880 dpi Uni-directional 13x19 sheet feed Matte Paper centered 100% K7-2880 Innova Photo Smooth C

Any advice or information as to what can be the cause?



In these curves, the LLK channel is NOT used. So it should be impossible that it is printing. There are no values in the LLK .quad curve. You can check yours in Text Edit or Word Pad and you should see 256 rows of a single “0”. You can double check yours. I think that if you find it is as such - you should consider reinstalling QTR. It seems something may be corrupt. It would not hurt to reinstall the Epson driver.

Unless you have adjusted some “Advanced Settings” in QTR - which you are NOT supposed to do with K7 curves - NO INK WHATSOEVER should be exiting the LLK print head with these K7 curves.

Let us know what you find…

Thanks, Jon.

Problem solved. Appears to have been the Epson driver. Odd since I had downloaded it just before I brought the 2400 back into the fold. Ah well, most of this computer stuff is black magic anyway. I briefly toyed with a new series of prints with the pink cast called “My B&W World Through Rose-colored Glasses”. Thanks for saving me from that mistake. :wink:


I wrote the above too soon.

Weird stuff – downloaded and installed both the new Epson driver and new QTR. Ran a small test print at 720 and it was okay. Tried running a 10x15 print on Innove Smooth Cotton at 2880 unidirectioal. It printed okay until about halfway down when the LLK/piezo flush kicked in again on the highlights. Ran a smaller test print and the entire print had the piezo flush pink in the highlights.

No flush fluid shows up when I print the standard test page from the Epson driver.

Checked the LLK quad curve for the papers I use and it is a string of 0’s like you said.

Are there any advanced settings I need to make with the 2400?

Going to abandon ship for the evening and see if my subconscious comes up with anything overnight.



Solved: The PiezoFlush cart from the LLK position was inadvertently moved to the LK position and was printing in place of shade 6 which is normally located in that position.