Solved: nozels are clogged - is because the vents may not be open?

R3000 epson with pigment inks

i had one nozel that was clogged and i ran numerous cleaning cycles. in the process, the other inks were ok and then i had no inks printing. I turned off the printer over night and started cleaning cycle again. theother inks are startig to print on the nozel check but still far fronm where they need to be

Can you tell me which of the plugs you have installed on the carts. There are two plugs on each cart. One is clear silicone and the other is color coded to the cartridge. Also, which hole did you fill the ink into? The clear one or the color coded one?

both are installed. i used the clear per video on your site to fill

Remove air vent plug from cartridge, making sure vent hole is fully OPEN. Do NOT remove top or side labels. Install cartridge(s) into printer (they should snap firmly in place), wait 10-15 minutes to allow ink to settle, then (if using COLOR inks) run 1-3 cleaning cycles. Print a nozzle check to verify all positions are fully printing. Now you are ready to print!

so i need to take them out and pull the plug. when i fill these, should i take the plug for the vent out?

Please follow the written instructions that are available in the Product Manuals and Instructions on this User Forum. Click on Articles near the top of this page below our logo and then go to the Product Manuals section and look for the Manual for the R3000 refillable cartridges.

The instructions are also available on the product page at the Inkjetmall website. These are basics and I think that by reading the instructions you wil best understand how to use the product, rather than telling you an answer to this specific question. The instructions are clear and illustrated. Please read from beginning to the end so you understand initial fill, refilling, and chip resetting. There may be other details missed and I want you to have our intended experience with the product. Please do not guess what you are supposed to do, but rather follow the written instructions explicitly.

i have refilled these befor and wanted to know if there was anthing else

You mentioned that you have both the fill and vent plugs installed in the cartridge. You need to remove the vent plug when it is in the printer or the ink can not print. That is the source of your technical issue.