Solved: New refillable cartridge and subsequent printer noise

Hi Friends,

After installing a new VLM cartridge in my 7900 the printer proceeded to make machine-gun sound every 4 to 5 seconds. It was suggested that this is a pumping sound possibly attributable an air leak or possible cartridge warp. When I remove and replace the cartridge the noise stops but only for a minute or so. When I attempt to print, the noise re-occurs. I’m using other cartridges without this problem.

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.


Hi Bob~

The noise you are reporting may be the printer’s pressurization pump, and if it’s turning on frequently after installing the VLM cartridge, then I suspect your VLM cartridge is not maintaining pressure, causing the sensor to detect the loss of pressure and keep turning the pump on. How many refill carts do you have installed (vs how many Epson or other carts are installed at the same time)? If the noise continues after installing a different VLM cartridge, then we will want to investigate more and look into the other carts. If the noise stops after installing a different cartridge in the VLM position, then this points to the current VLM cartridge as the culprit. Please let me know your results, or if there’s anything further that I can help you with.
~Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dana.

I have 3 Conecolor carts installed. I have 4 or 5 others and am waiting to deplete the inks in my Epson cartridges. When I replace the VLM cartridge with the Epson cartridge the noise stops. Is there anything else I should test?


Hi Bob~

Thanks for the additional information. From what you explain, it sounds like your refillable VLM cartridge isn’t holding pressure as it should, and it’s causing the printer pump to turn on frequently. We will send you a replacement cartridge right away.

To transfer ink from the current cart to the new one when it arrives, simply put the funnel in the new cartridge fill hole, remove the fill hole plug of the cartridge containing ink, and carefully pour ink from one cart into the other, then continue the filling/priming procedure as outlined in the cartridge instructions.

Please let me know if you have questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dana. The new cart works perfectly.

Excellent- thanks for letting me know!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: