Solved: New Refillable 3800 Cartridges/Maintenance Cart Full

New carts arrived today. Filled with Pieza Flush. Installed in printer. Did 3 power cleaning cycles with MK mode and 3 cycles in the PK mode. Did a nozzle check and everything looked fine. At this point a Message came on that the Maintenance cart was full. With the old carts I simply pulled it out, repacked with cotton balls and followed your instructions to reset. However with the new carts I did the same thing, but the message will not go away. In your HELPFUL INFORMATION I followed the instructions to reset the printer. Still the full message won’t go away. The printer is therefore shut down. Do I need a new waste tank rather than repacking the old one? or is there something else I’m failing to do.?

You can’t reset the maintenance tank with the new model carts as you were able to with the previous model carts, though you CAN reset + reuse your maintenance tank by following our instructions and using a maintenance tank chip resetter, which you can find here:

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: