Solved: Monitor ICC profile for P2 Neutral type five paper




Jon sent me icc profiles for P2 recently. I tried Type 5 paper for the first time last night,and when I tried to soft proof I couldn’t find a profile for type 5 neutral. I checked through the files he sent, and I couldn’t find one. Maybe you just haven’t made one. If there is one, could you send it to me.



Hi David~

At the time, the Neutral soft proof profiles probably hadn’t been made yet- but are now, so I will send them to you from my other email address.

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hey Dana,

I also need the same P2 Type 5 ICC profiles for soft proofing. Could you please email them to me or post a link to where they can be found?



The soft proof profiles are not yet released for public download and use, so I am emailing them to customers as need. I just emailed you the Piezography Neutral soft proof profiles, including Type 5.

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


All Piezography soft proof profiles can now be found here: