Solved: Image won't print in centerof page; Center selected in QTR

I just tried to print w/P2 neutral on Hahn photo rag (P2-9880-NU-HANptoRag) with R2880. The centered box is checked in the “placement” section. Paper setting is “custom” - 8.5x11 inch. Orientation-landscape, Source - roll feed, Type - matte paper, Resolution - 2880, Speed - unidirectional. I’m running QTR on a PC.

The image (5x7) prints far to the left and sort of “fades off” at the far left without printing the very end of the image.


Are you printing on a roll of Photo Rag, or cut sheets?
Have you printed a nozzle check to confirm all positions are fully and correctly printing (no mis-firing nozzles that would cause overspray)?
Has this issue happened with just this one image/print, or have you printed any other images and had the same results?
I recommend selecting the preset “letter” paper size, instead of making a custom 8.5x11.

Please let me know, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana,

Everything is working now! Hooray!

Here are a few specifics:

I am printing on cut sheets, not a roll. My understanding of QTR settings is that you use “manual roll (rear)” for feeding sheets through the rear slot, “roll feed” for for feeding roll paper through the rear slot and “sheet feeder” for feeding lighter/thinner sheets through the sheet feeder on top of the printer. This may all look obvious enough, but it was unclear to me at first. I didn’t understand what “manual roll (rear)” meant. Could you confirm that I’m understanding these paper settings correctly now? one more thing about paper.

I’d done several nozzle checks before I started printing. They all looked fine.

I hadn’t tried printing any other images.

I changed the paper setting to “letter”, and now things print fine. No off-center, no “fading off”.

The few prints I’ve done so far look wonderful. They’re sharper, more detailed, richer and more three dimensional than anything I’ve used before. I was never happy with ABW. QTR quad w/Epson inks was a big step up, especially regarding neutrality. Piezo is at least as big a step up again. I’m very pleased with the results.

Thanks again for all your help Dana, especially for a product not quite ready to hit the shelves.

Excellent, glad to hear things are working well now David!
Different printer models have different paper feed options, but the R2880 printer has four paper feed options: Manual Roll (Rear), Roll Feed, Sheet Feeder, and Manual front. For feeding paper thru the rear manual feed slot, I believe you should select Manual Roll (Rear), though I generally use the auto sheet feeder when printing with our R2880 printer.
Yes, Piezography printing is the best system for printing your B&W images! I am glad you have discovered Piezography and are so happy with the results.

Please let me know if there’s anything further I can help you with.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: