Solved: How to clean syringes and needles after use

I am a beginner and I just bought a series of refillable cartridges and inks for the Epson 3380. I am going to try the fill tomorrow. After I use the syringe and the blunt needle for any color, is there a cleaning process for the syringe and needle? Flush them out with water? Sounds trivial but the instructions don’t say anything and I searched the forum for any suggestions and didn’t find any.

Yes. We supply 8 syringes for 9 cartridges. You can reuse the black syringe right away between the Matte and Photo Blacks provided you simply empty the contents of the syringe back into the bottle. A few pumps of the plunger will eject 99% of the ink. When you have filled all the carts, take all the syringes and fill them with water and rinse out. You can pull the plungers out initially to allow the tap water to rinse the majority of the non-toxic ink out. Then put the plunger back in and draw fresh water through the needle until clear. Then use the plunger and air by pumping the plunger to blow out as much of the remaining water as possible. Remove the plunger for the last time and allow everything to dry before storing them away for next time.