Solved: Epson R3000 Cartridge - Bubbles inside

I’ve had a rough time getting the proper amount of ink into the cartridge during the first fill with vacuum and think i got some air in there. So now I am currently attempting to fill it up without the vacuum and i get bubbles that come out of the cartridge. Is there any way for me to properly empty the cartridge of the bubbles and then refill it with ink? Also just wanted to confirm, you remove the air vent plug before inserting into the printer?

Please advise and thanks in advance!

Hi David~

It is normal to have a few small air bubbles inside the cartridge after filling (you can’t completely fill every area of the cart). A R3000 refill cart can hold about 30ml of ink. As long as the exit chamber is at least 1/2 filled, and the body is mostly filled with a small air pocket at the top, then you should be fine. To vacuum fill a refill cart, the air vent hole much be plugged closed. The air vet hole must be OPEN before installing carts into your printer, for proper ink flow.

I hope this helps. Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: