Solved: Epson R 800 making noise

I recently bought B&W cone inks for my R 800.I have not used the printer for 6 months.After loading the new cartridges ,when I start it makes grinding kind of noise .It then stops and goes into the regular printing.I took it to the local epson repair guy and after testing he called me back and told me to discard the printer and buy a new one.Is there any thing I can do to salvage the printer.It used to print well previously.

That sound is coming from the chasis drive mechanism. It is not worth fixing. The Epson tech is right.

We once gave some broken printers to our local school so that the students in the science department could experiment with “servos” and small motors. At the science fair, one student had dismantled an Epson printer and used the servos and motors as well as other bits and pieces to convert it into a crane and was able to lift small objects.