Solved: Epson Artisian 1430 won't print with refillable carts

Two months ago we purchased the epson artisian 1430 printer and a full set of epson inks. The printer worked successfully through two separate rounds of epson ink cartridges. After reviewing that the ink system from ink jet mall (refillable ink cartridge system compatible with epson stylus photo 1400) would be more cost effective we decided to try it. No ink was used in between the epson ink and the ink from ink jet mall. After one successful print the quality went downhill faster than i could put the paper into the printer. Now there are only two colors printing out and there is an extreme amout of banding happening and the ink is now printing out lighter and lighter.
So far I have tried to clean the heads numerous time, I’ve tried to clean out the sponge on the head pad and still no luck.
I am wondering if I am needing to return the ink system and stay with the epson brands or if that will even fix the current problems that we are experiencing.
Has anyone else had this problem?:confused:

I have also already tried removing the vent plugs on the cartridges and no change occurred.

Hi Christina~ Did you remove the air vent plugs from all the refill carts before installing them into your printer, or after these problems started?

I removed the plugs after the problems started.

This is the cause of your problem. As per the refillable cartridge instructions, the air vent plugs must be removed after filling cartridges with ink, and BEFORE installing them into your printer, or else a vacuum will be created and ink will not be able to flow out of the carts. Now that you have removed the plugs and the air vent holes are open on all carts, you will need to do a few cleaning cycles to get ink flowing and all positions printing on your nozzle check. I expect you will have a perfect nozzle check after 1-3 cleaning cycles.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: