Solved: Epson Artisan 1430 (EU version) not recognising rest refillable cartrtidges




I recently purchased the Cone Color refillable cartridge kit and the chip resetter for an Epson Artisan 1430 and last night when I replaced the OEM carts with the refillable carts that had been reset, the printer is not recognising that there are any cartridges in the printer at all. The ink light on the front panel comes on and all of the lights are on above each ink cartridge and the status monitor has a cross through each of the ink cartridges.

Can you please help with any suggestions how to rectify this.



Hi Anthony~

Please check the part numbers on your Epson cartridges and the refill cartridges, to make sure they match. I do know the Australian version of the 1400 is exactly like the US 1400 model, but uses different chips on the carts (so you can not use US 1400 carts/chips in a AU 1400 printer).

Let me know what you discover after checking the cartridge part numbers.
Thanks- Dana


Hi Dana,

The part number of the Epson cartridges for my printer are T081* eg. the yellow cartridge is T0814 / T0814N and the refillable cartridges has a part number T0794. I did notice when installing and resetting that the chips on the refillable cartridges were different from the Epson ones.



Hi Anthony~

We have updated the compatibility section to alert people that our 1400/1430 refill carts are only tested and confirmed to work in US model printers, and non-US models can often use different carts/chips.

Either Wells or Linda will contact you and refund the cartridge purchase, since they will not working in your Australian model 1400 printer due to the different chips (and unfortunately, Epson has designed theses chips so they can not be used once removed from the carts, so you can’t simply transfer the Epson chips onto the refill carts- like you can do with other printer models).

I am sure you can find cartridges that will work in your printer and recommend checking eBay.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: