Solved: Color staining / linearization


I have two problems that may be related:

  1. I have the classical color staining problem (yellow, on a R2880, after first Piezography inks install and after following all the install procedure). I applied the capping station cleaning methodology but I was surprised by the sponge I found in the capping station: rather “hard”, not “soft” as I expected. It did not looked like a sponge, but more like fiber… I don’t know how to describe it: see the picture. Is that “normal”? I tried to clean but it was not very effective, and I didn’t insist.

  2. I test the linearization (Selenium on Type5). See the picture of the curve: could it be related to the color staining problem, or is there an other problem?

Thanks for your advice!

You can not clean the “sponge” until it is free of stain or color. What you want to look for is “gunk”, “gel”, deposits of linty ink build-up, etc. Yours is clean enough. The yellow residual stain should disappear after a short while. I am surprised it is still there if you are making linearization checks, etc… There can only be so much residual yellow left in the print head that normal printing or head cleans will not rid it. You may not have wiped the ink stems well enough with a q-tip and some yellow pigment entered the shade 7 cart…that remains a possibility. If the yellow staining in the highlights does not go away - you may need to empty the yellow cart. But, this is rare.

The linearization is just a little darker and only in the mid tones. When we see this we usually think workflow related. Are you on Mac or PC?

If Mac, can you tell us your workflow in relation to

a) embedded Gamma
b) version Mac OS X
c) printing from Print Tool, Photoshop, or other (what?)

Thank you for the advice. I hope the yellow stainig will soon go away.

I’m on PC, with QTR and I use the “2880-MPS-Type5” curve on “QuadR2880-K7 printer”


Ok - it should! Make sure that on Windows (as well as Mac) that you do not modify any of the advanced adjustments in the QTR interface. These adjustments are not compatible with K7 curves. Leave everything at default - set dpi to 2880. If the linearization does not become more linear in the mid-tones - and you decide you would like it to - you may need custom curves.

As it stands, you have no lumps or bumps so the output will still be smooth and evenly separated - just gradually darker in the midtones.

After some prints the yellow seems to be gone :slight_smile:
I’ll test the linearization with other papers before I decide anything !
By the way, the prints are great ! and the support as great as Piezography !

thanks for all

Fantastic news!