Solved: Clearing old ink out of lines of 4900 question

I have an Epson 4900 which I am converting to piezography. I ordered a set of carts for piezoflush and and set of carts for the ink. I am following the instructions to clear the old ink out the lines, and from what I understand there are two ways to do it.

  1. Use the epson service program to do an initial fill cycle. Then all the old ink goes into the maintenance tank.
  2. Print the purge target that is given in the instructions with QTR until all the old ink is on the paper.

I elected to do method 2 as my maintenance tank is approximately 65% full, and my shippment with a replacement tank is delayed. I understand that method 1 would have been way better, I just didn’t want to get stuck with a full maintenance tank.

The only problem is that my printer is set to matte black, so when I have completely got rid of all the old ink, I have to redo the whole process with the photo ink. This is a problem, because all the other colors will just have piezoflush in them.

Is it possible to modify the purge target with all the colors, so it is just a full page of PK? I could easily do this in photoshop, but am unsure about the color management to ensure it is just the PK ink that is firing.



The purge target is a modified version of the QTR Calibration mode target. If you wish to purge the photo black, perform the black ink change (from MK to PK). Take the existing QTR Calibration target for 10 ink printers and locate the black ink row of gray levels. The 100% black cell can selected and then scaled to cover the entire image canvas. Save As some new name and print this. Only the black channel will print if you did it properly.

Consider getting a chip re-setter for the maintenance tank and save the landfills and your wallet.

Thanks for the tips. My maintenance tank came in on friday, so it was a much quicker procedure to do the initial fill. How many times can you reset the maintenance tank chip? When I pulled the old one out it felt pretty heavy compared to the new one.

We do not have a resetter for the 4900 waste tank chip.