Solved: Cartridge not being read by 4800, tried several things

I just began trying to print again on my 4800, which has been idle since we moved a few months ago… Initially, for a few days, I was able to print, and the carts were being recognized. Then, after turning the machine off and the next day on, the Magenta and Light Magenta were both not being recognized. I was able to get the Magenta to be seen, but no matter what I do with the light M, I keep getting the “set cartridge” error. I was also getting “incompatible cartridge” error, but I managed to get that one to go away. Here is what I’ve tried: Resetting the chip many times. Pushing in a little harder, pushing to the right, and left, many times each. Using a piece of cardboard on the side of the cart to make sure the cart was engaging the chip reader well. I even removed the chip, added a thickness of paper behind it, and that is when I solved the “incompatible cart” error, but still I’m getting the “set cartridge” error. I have two re-setters… one for my 9800, which works well, and the one that came with my carts for the 4800, which does not work (just a quick flash of red), so, I’ve been using the 9800 re-setter. Any thoughts? Thank you!:slight_smile:

From the Large Format Refillable Cartridges FAQs: Chips occasionally go bad and need to be replaced. When the printer gives a cartridge error which is not resolved by resetting the chip, this usually means the chip has shorted out and is no longer read correctly by the printer. We recommend everyone have a set of spare chips on hand to be prepared if a chip needs to be replaced, which is very quick and easy to do. The cartridges themselves are very robust and will likely last the life of your printer.

Hi again,
I received the new chip set today, and replaced the chip on the light magenta cart. I am still getting the same error: “Set Ink Cart”. Any thoughts on where to go next?
Thank you

Please try an Epson cart - and let us know the result.

Aha! I took a look inside the slot, and saw that a pin on the reader is broken! I’m a little relieved to find the issue, but not so happy that I’ll have to replace it:-(
Would you guys have a source that you could send me to to buy a new chip reader for the 4800? I also believe that I might be able to replace it from the front without taking everything apart. I think I read something on your site about replacing them. Thanks!

These are inexpensive (about $8-$12) and available from Compass Micro in the USA. Buy a few as they are very fragile. You can download the service manual for your printer at

There will be a fully illustrated section on how to replace.

Thank you very much!