solved:Benefit to sending images to QTR-Print with Epson 3880 in multiples of 360dpi?



Hey Dana,

For Epson Pro 3880 printers, is there any benefit to sending images to QTR-Print that are in 360dpi (or pixels per inch) or in multiples of 360dpi such as 720, 1440 or 2880 in order to produce the highest quality resolution output from QTR-Print? (as opposed to the source images being in say 240, 300 or 600 dpi)




Hey Dana,

I posed a similar question to Roy Harrington… here’s his reply:

"Hi John,

Epson printers work at either 360 or 720. In the Epson driver “Finest Detail” selects 720ppi.
QTR driver always uses 720ppi. The Print-Tool program just sends the file as is to the OS.
It’s the OS that will resample if needed to whatever the driver asks for.

So it can be worthwhile to send 720ppi to Print-Tool and QTR driver, but in general I think
just sending what you already have is just fine. (after all, resampling will happen anyway).