Solved: 7800 banding

Could the lack of ‘O-rings’ be a cause for horizontal banding with your refillable carts, K6 inks on a 7800 using Studioprint?

  1. Is this a new installation or a new problem on an old installation?

Banding is usually caused by a missing nozzle or a nozzle that is there but deflecting slightly higher or lower. Intermittent banding is caused by ink starvation usually caused by lack of humidity or dirty dampers.

Studio Print may be able to physically alter the relationship of dot being printed. It is possible that the print head is not able to produce microdots because of age - and StudioPrint driven K7 or K7 does not have as many overlapping curves of ink as I put into Piezography curves for QTR. it is very flat and unforgiving. If this were a K7 installation, you could do a direct comparison with QTR and see if the banding is with the printer or the application.