Solved: 3800 wont recognize carts after removing cart

Hi Dana, Boy it took a long time to get this new support forum to let me ask a question. Maybe Wells did something on his end. If so thanks Wells. Anyway. This has been an ongoing problem since I bought the carts. I recently took out my mk black to give it a shake and check for ink after not printing for 2 weeks. Yon have been out of cone 2 paper and as it is coming I wanted to make sure all is well. Upon putting cart back in the printer the printer keeps telling me there is no cart. This has happened every time I have reloaded but in the past I kept taking cart out and putting back in until printer recognized it. You all are sending my paper out today so if I need a part let me know ASAP and Wells so it can go out in same shipping. Thanks in advance LizaThanks Liza

Hi Liza~ I moved your post because after looking up your order history, I see you are using the current 80ml refill carts, and not the old model bigger style carts (you posted under an existing thread titled “older style carts”, instead of making a new thread).

I recommend you follow the printer reset procedure, below, and make sure the LCD panel says “Cartridge Door Open, Close Door” before continuing to the next step.

3800/3880 printer reset:
If your printer displays empty cartridge boxes on the LCD or other strange errors, the printer can be reset as follows. Open the cartridge bay door and unlock all nine carts, then slide out the waste ink tank and turn the printer power off for at least 3 minutes. When the printer is turned back on, the LCD will display “NO maintenance tank”. Slide the waste ink tank back into the printer and close the waste tank door. The LCD should now display “NO ink cartridge”. Push cartridges snugly into the printer from left to right (1 to 9), then lift up on the bottom/rear of all carts to ensure they are even. The LCD should now display “Cartridge door open”, close the cartridge bay door and the printer should pressurize cartridges then display “Ready” on the LCD panel.

Please let me know if you have questions, how this goes, or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

thanks that worked

Perfect- glad to hear! :slight_smile:

Best regards and HAPPY printing~ Dana :slight_smile: