Solution for printing with the Epson 4880 and non-epson inks

I have had the same issue as on this post: Ever seen this error message? - MK not working on 4880 - #21 by pandabob
The windows driver pops up this window:

“The selected media type/print quality setting may not be compatible with the installed ink cartridge
Photo black/cyan/vivid magenta/yellow/ light black/ light cyan/vivid light magenta/light light black
Please check your new media type and print quality settings in the printer software.”

I just wanted to propose a solution to this problem: use another driver for the printer.
You can buy Turboprint (Linux) or Printfab (Windows) for 50 bucks online, it works very well and it allows easy ICC profiles creation. Personally I never use Epson drivers anymore, Printfab is way better and it bypasses this bug in the Windows driver.

This indicates that your printer driver is set to PK and your printer is set to MK. Remove the printer from your system preferences and re-add it and it should work fine