Software for Printing Personal Fine Art Prints from Desktop Model Printers

I was using ImageNest as a RIP and appreciated its functionality. It seems not to be supported any longer. Emails to the developer go unanswered. What are folks using to print? Straight from their software programs? I’m on a Mac. I compose collage type designs that include photographs in InDesign. I have been making pdfs and printing straight from Acrobat. I’d like to take pdfs and place them in a RIP and print multiple copies, etc. And have a controlled color profile environment. What RIP or imposition software are people using for color desktop printing? Are there best practices sources I can be pointed to for controlled color printing?
Jamie Gannon

Print-Tool. It’s 50 bucks and does just about what ImageNest did


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Thanks Walker! Going to check this immediately.

Qimage now has a Mac version. I’ve not used it on a Mac, but based on the Win version it does colour management, on-the-fly resizing, and has layout options. It’s not a full RIP as it prints though the printer’s driver, but other than that it does most of what people use a RIP for.

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No Mac version, unfortunately. Nice to see their constant updates and the feature list is impressive.

Here is the Mac version:

i concede it’s a bit confusing, as for a long time there wasn’t a Mac version, and then when they launched it, it was branded slightly differently, as Qimage One. The current Win version is Qimage Ultimate. I think Binartem is a separate company to DDisoftware, with Mike Chaney only part owner of Binartem and someone else doing the coding for the Mac port, so there is something of a separation between the two versions, including separate websites.

Print Tool is good and I’m keen to support Roy Harrington, but Qimage is more full-featured for the sort of thing you’re looking to do. Print Tool is better for Piezo.

Great news. I will be checking it out. Much appreciated.