Soft Proofing Profiles

Could you please email me your latest set of soft proofing profiles?
For papers not represented, could you advise a method to soft proof?
I currently work with Museo Silver Rag and Harman Gloss Art Fibre Warm Tone.


Hi Jerrab~

The latest piezography soft proof profiles can be found here:
“P2” soft proof profiles can be used to simulate a specific Piezography ink tone and paper combination, and can be used for regular K7 setups as well as P2.
For papers that we don’t have pre-made profiles for, you can make your own if you have an EyeOne measuring device, by printing a 21 step strip with the printer/ink/paper/curve combination you want a soft proof profile for, then use Measuring Tool with the Eye One to measure the 21 step strip, and drag/drop the measurement file onto create-ICC in the QuadTone RIP> EyeOne folder.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana

Thanks again, Dana!

You are very welcome, we’re here to help! :slight_smile:

To build a profile for a glossy paper, I’m guessing that I measure the 21 step strip without the GO pass. Correct?

No I would measure it with the GO pass as it opens up the shadows. Without GO, the shadows will appear blocked up and the ICC will reflect that.

So print normally as you would if making a finished print. The image just happens to be a 21 step strip!

Thanks Jon. I’m glad that I asked.

On matte paper I can print quite a few 21x4 patterns on an A4 page. If you print GO over the top the standard way, then you only get one to a page. It is possible to control where GO is put down by printing GO using an image with white where you want GO and black elsewhere. Of course this takes some setting up, and you may question whether it’s worth the trouble in order to reuse a sheet. I can email you a sample of the GO image that I use if you’re interested Jeff.

Thanks Brian. That would save some reinvention.

Hi Dana (& Jon):

You indicate that the P2 soft proof profiles can be used in K7 setup. However when I print the same image onto the same paper (in this case HFA PhotoRag 308) with the same inkset (SPED) but only changing the QTR curve (K7-2880-HahnPhotoRag vs. P2-X800-X880-SpecEd-HANptoRag) there is definitely, but subtle, difference. Are there any K7 soft proof profiles available for HFA Photo Rag, Canson Rag Photographique, and / or HFA Bamboo papers?


It all depends on how relative or precise you need to be. Most people make their own ICC profiles for soft proofing. We supply them when we have them.

But, making a custom K6 or K7 curve for your setup will produce the same output. You would not be able to detect the difference.

Many of the Soft Proof ICCs we have supplied over the years are based upon various curves structures and setups, etc. and we simply make them available from time to time.

You really want to make your own following the Create ICC instructions on the QTR site if you need precision. And then you need a well calibrated display to make them useful.