Soft Proofing Profiel for Canson Edition Etching?

I’m just starting out with Piezography. Inks are loaded and working. Test prints on a new Espon 3880 are printing without problem. Now I need to get the screen to match the print a little better.

I’m printing on Canson Edition Etching with selenium inks. What soft proofing profile? (I’m using the Canson Edition Etching curve from inkjetmall supplied for the larger printers as suggested by support staff elsewhere on this forum.)

My main problem is that the dark tones on screen are very dark as compared to the prints, which are much lighter. Pure black is printing fine.


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You should work from a calibrated display. The higher the standard of quality in the calibration of the display - the more accurate the rendition of Soft Proof ICC profiles will be.

You should calibrate to D50 (5000k), Gamma 2.20, brightness lowered to about 85L. You should do your proof to screen match in a 5000k dimming viewing booth dimmed to the same brightness of the display.

The soft proof ICCs for Piezography2 can be used with K7 printing and they are located here:

Please let us know if you have further questions.