Slot#5 : Selenium Shade 1 or Matte Black?

This is a big day for me (first install of piezography inks on my 9800), but I’ve a doubt about the ink for the slot#5. I have selenium K7 inks, matte and glossy. The Epson PHOTO BLACK was in slot #5. In the “install procedures” it is indicate to insert the BLACK cartridge with the (Selenium) SHADE#1 on the slot#5 and the Gloss Optimizer (or Piezoflush) in the LL-BLACK cartridge, in the slot #1.
Actually I want to print only on matte papers, not Baryta or gloss, so can I insert directly in the slot#5 the M-BLACK cartridge with the MATTE BLACK? Or I need to start with the Selenium SHADE #1 and do a ink change procedure later to use the MATTE BLACK?
Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Anthony,
We do not have a record of sale for the ink set you bought so you may have purchased this from one of our EU Dealers. So I do not know if you bought a K7 system for matte printing only - or a K7 system for matte and glossy printing but only wish to install the matte system.

You should refer to the installation of the inks on the installation page:

In the case that you bought a traditional K7 matte glossy system - and you want to print only matte, you will NOT install the PK or the GO.
In the case that you bought a Piezography2 system for simultaneous matte and glossy printing - you would not have shade 7 and in its place you install the PK. But this does not seem to apply to you. You say you bought a K7 system for matte and glossy printing. This indicates you have shades 2-7, MK, PK, and GO.

Because I can not see what you purchased I will assume that you have bought K7 inks for matte and glossy - but that you are referring to the Piezography2 K6 system which does not use Shade 7. And therein lies the confusion.

In this case the MK goes in the MK cartridge and the PK goes into the PK cartridge. Both of these are used in the black ink slot of your printer. In your case, you can leave the PK in the box and just choose not to make glossy prints. You fill only the MK cartridge and install it into the black cart position of the 9800.

You should NOT install the PK nor the MK into the slot # 5 because that is the slot you must install Piezography Shade #7 ink. Shade 7 goes into the Yellow position slot.

In your case, you will not install GO into the LLK cartridge because you do not intend to print glossy… The LLK cartridge will not be used in any matte K7 printing - and we recommend that you use PiezoFlush in this position to keep the print head happy. You can choose to do nothing and keep the Epson LLK cartridge in place. You must install something into this position or the printer will not print. The only time this position will print is when you do nozzle checks… But this is the gray area for you because you bought a K7 system for matte and glossy but are not going to print glossy. If you bought a K7 system for matte only printing, it would have included a bottle of PiezoFlush for the LLK position.

I hope that this answers your question.

Dear Jone,
So it gets a little confusing to me.
I want to print matte and glossy. But for the moment I want to do some tests only on matte papers.

Effectively, I ordered the set “Selenium-K7 Matte Glossy” for 9800 from one of your EU dealer.

And so I received the following inks and product:

Selenium Shade #1
Selenium Shade #2
Selenium Shade #3
Selenium Shade #4
Selenium Shade #5
Selenium Shade #6
Selenium Shade #7
Matte Black


But as you say, I should have for a K7 matte - glossy these inks:
Selenium Shade#2 to Selenium Shade#7 + Matte Black + PK (Selenium Shade#1?)+ Go

My 9800 is configured naturally like this (left to right) :

Slot #1*: Light Light Black
Slot #2*: Light Magenta
Slot #3*: Light Cyan
Slot #4*: Light Black
Slot #5*: Photo Black
Slot #6*: Cyan
Slot #7*: Magenta
Slot #8*: Yellow

The process of installing the K7 (and if I understand well…) I should do this, isn’t it? :

Slot #1*: Light Light Black --> Piezoflush (or gloss optimizer)
Slot #2*: Light Magenta --> Selenium Shade #5
Slot #3*: Light Cyan --> Selenium Shade #3
Slot #4*: Light Black --> Selenium Shade #6
Slot #5*: Photo Black --> Selenium Shade #1 (matte or photo*)
Slot #6*: Cyan --> Selenium Shade #2
Slot #7*: Magenta --> Selenium Shade #4
Slot #8*: Yellow --> Selenium Shade #7

  • More a “M-BLACK cartridge” with “Matte Black” ink

So it seems I received a mixed k7/P2 set? :slight_smile: which would explain the confusion in part…

You received the regular K7 matte glossy set and should proceed according to the instructions that you received in installing the inks.

[TABLE=“width: 500”]

Shade location table:

“Color” ink cartridge position in printer, from left to right
Piezography Ink Shade used in this position

Light Light Black
Piezography Gloss Optimizer

Light Magenta
Shade #5

Light Cyan
Shade #3

Light Black
Shade #6

Shade #1 (matte or photo*)

You will need to do Black Ink Changes in order to switch from MK to PK just like using Epson Color inks.

Shade #2

Shade #4

Shade #7


You have the inks necessary to make the printer instead into a Piezography2 printer in which you will NOT NEED to perform a black ink change in order to switch from MK to PK. In this case you would not install Shade #7 and in its place you would put the PK into the Yellow cartridge. Everything else remains the same. You will NOT USE the K7 matte and glossy curves. Instead you will download and use the Piezography2 Curves.

This is your decision - the K6 is barely discernible from the K7 ink set. You would not be giving up a lot in order to have the convenience of both blacks installed simultaneously. If you go P2 you can download curves from here:

Ok I understand. I think P2 is great, but for photographs with a lot of “light grey”, shade #7 does not lack?

the difference as I said is barely discernible between K7 and K6. You would be quite satisfied with K6 prints and enjoy not having to do black ink changes. Having said that = there are more K7 curves available than the P2 curves. That will change in the future - but you may wish to see what is available in each offering and bring that into your decision.

Yes, I will check. Thank you so much for your (super fast) help